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The RBC collaboration was started in 1997 by lattice QCD physicists from the RIKEN-BNL Research Center (RBRC), Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and Columbia University. It now has members at many other institutions, as listed here. The RBC collaboration does simulations on the QCDOC computers computers at the RBRC, Columbia University and at BNL, the latter a US DOE supported resource of the USQCD Collaboration. Simulations are also done on various IBM BlueGene computers and clusters of the USQCD collaboration.

The RBC collaboration is involved with other groups in joint lattice QCD projects. We have a large project studying the zero temperature physics of domain wall fermion QCD in collaboration with members of the UKQCD collaboration. With physicists at the University of Bielefeld, we are simulating finite temperature QCD using p4 staggered fermions. We are also involved in other finite temperature simulations of QCD with the US HotQCD collaboration.