Symposium Accommodations

Housing in New York City during the summer is in high demand and very expensive. An adequate hotel room will cost upwards of $200 US per night and significant discounts are not usually available. Those who would like to stay in a hotel during Lattice 2014 are encouraged to make their own reservations. A list of acceptable hotels near Columbia is here.

We have arranged for dormitory housing from Columbia University and Barnard College, all within very close walking distance of the conference site.  (As of May 1, 2014, all of the Barnard dormitory rooms are filled.)  These are decent, air-conditioned college dormitory rooms with free Wi-Fi and bathrooms shared within a suite or with a group of rooms off of a common hallway. Linens and towels are provided.

Housing registration is open now but is restricted to conference participants only. After March 23rd, we will accept housing registrations for spouses of conference participants as well.

Subsidized housing is available for participants approved for the reduced registration fee.

Since the number of available dormitory rooms is limited, please register for housing as soon as possible!