Broadway:  107th to 116th

Broadway is lined with restaurants in this area.  Starting at 116th and going downtown, here are a few notable choices:

Ollie’s Noodle Shop, 116th:  Fast, inexpensive Chinese food.  Very convenient, particularly if not overly crowded.

Vine Sushi, 116th:  Moderately priced and generally rated as average level quality sushi and Japanese food.

Nussbaum and Wu, 113th:  Sandwiches, bagels, etc.  Popular with reasonable food.  The bagels are better at Absolute bagel.

The Mill, 113th:  Originally a NYC diner, slowly converted into a Korean restaurant over many years.  Above average Korean food and still home to a traditional lime rickey.

Community Food and Juice, 112th-113th:  A popular place for “American-eclectic” food that starts from many standard American dishes and adds a few twists, along with organic and local ingredients.

LeMonde, 112th-113th:  A French bistro, with above average food for this neighborhood and above average prices.

The Deluxe, 113th:  A slightly upscale diner with a variety of American food.

Famous Famiglia, 111th:  Pizza, by the slice or by the pie.  Fresh, yummy, fast.

Mel’s Burger, 110th:  A burger joint with great milkshakes and sports on the television.

West Side Market, 110th:  A large grocery store, open 24/7, with a wonderful salad bar, fresh sandwich making and hot meals to go.

Cascabel Tacqueria, 108th:  An above average Mexican restaurant.

Absolute Bagels, 107-108th:  Fresh bagels all the time.  Worth the walk.