Local Restaurants

There are many restaurant choices within a 5 to 10 minute walk of Columbia.  There are a variety of places for a quick meal (pizza by the slice, salad bars, bagels and sandwiches) and many choices for a moderately priced meal.  Food from many cultures is readily available in the neighborhood and many restaurants have sidewalk tables in the summer.  The Columbia neighborhood restaurants are reasonably priced, at least by New York CIty standards.

Virtually every restaurant in the neighborhood will deliver, or you can pick up your food and eat in the park, etc.  For more details, most restaurants have their menus available on-line.

To get you started, some restaurants between 107th and 116th on Broadway are listed here, between 116th and 122nd on Amsterdam are listed here and between 106th and 113th on Amsterdam are listed here.  There are many more, so explore if you are so inclined.  The number of options on Manhattan’s West Side is larger still and, at some point, you need to check out your options on the web.  Zagat’s has long been a very useful guide to NYC restaurants.  You can search by neighborhood, or type of food, for example.